How to become a successful entrepreneur?

At present, most of the young graduates have the talent to run their own business. Even some people would start the business and struggle lot to run their organization in the right way. In order to avoid all such situation, it is more important to know about strategies to run an organization without having a failure. Many can think how its result would be to the surprise much successful businessman like Anand Mishra Indian Entrepreneur also followed the same strategies on his own way to run his organization successful.

Strategies used to have a successful organization:

When it comes to being a CEO of the company is not an easy go task to become successful entrepreneur strategies plays a vital role. To make young entrepreneur clear with business strategies here are some of the important strategies used by most leading businessman are listed below.

  • The key success of an organization is to build a great team of employees with a well-skilled person. They are more capable to handle all type of situation easily and make the organization improve.
  • As the CEO of an organization, you need to be always focused on your vision and work on the basis to achieve them.
  • Always be ready to take a risk on having innovative ideas to do so you should be with open minded. Only this helps you to get more creative and innovative ideas from your creative team.

Apart from all the above strategies in order to have a successful organization, you should be always focused on capital raising plans and expect all works to be with perfection. In addition to all these customers remains to be the backbone for each organization success so it is more important to learn about customer reviews about your projects if there is any complaint arises to try to learn from that.

Little Miss Muffet Nursery Rhyme Song for Your Kids

Little Miss Muffet is a beautiful nursery rhyme and it was very popular in the mid-20th century. This poem belongs to the book ‘Songs for the nursery’ and it was published in 1805. Some people attribute this rhyme to Dr. Thomas Muffet, who wrote it about it his stepdaughter. The girl’s name was Patience Muffet and she was having breakfast when a spider came and scared her away. Dr. Thomas is also known for writing various English illustrated classifications. The children’s song belongs to the British tradition and there are many pictures and videos that show an English girl eating breakfast.

About the lyrics:

There is no particular lesson or message conveyed through this nursery rhyme and it is related to an event only. According to this kid’s song, Little Miss Muffet was sitting on a tuffet and was eating curds and whey, when a spider came and frightened her away. Some of the versions are very short while others discuss the event furthermore as Miss Muffet eats bread and jam and gets frightened when she sees the spider again. Miss Muffet then runs away with her shoes falling off. In some videos, Miss Muffet’s brother is also shown to scare her by bringing a spider near her.

Lesson for Kids:

Little Miss Muffet is a cute preschool rhyme which is meant for entertainment only. The poem itself is not as entertaining but if it there is both audio and video, it gets more interesting. Little Miss Muffet is the main character of this rhyme and her expressions are really important in the whole scenario. Children love to watch the whole scene till the end, and the giggles are worth it when Miss Muffet is scared and runs away. Also, it is easy to learn as it is short, and the children love to sing and perform on it.

Finger Family Rhymes- you won’t stop singing!

The ‘Finger Family Rhymes’ – also called the ‘Daddy finger’ rhymes – are one of the most popular nursery rhymes. Children love to sing this rhyme and it is included in many preschool songs as it makes learning fun. The Internet is full of animated and colorful videos of this rhyme that bring its lyrics to life.

The Finger Family rhyme got popular somewhere around the year 2007 when it was uploaded on YouTube with the name of ‘Finger Family’. Over the years, this rhyme became very popular and now it is one of the best baby songs to sing.

About the lyrics:

Once you’ll listen to the finger family nursery rhyme, you’ll get addicted to it as it has a catchy tone. It starts like this: ‘Daddy finger, Daddy finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am, how do you do?’, and the list goes on by calling out the names of all the family members. The thumb is called the daddy finger while it’s fun to call the pointing finger as ‘mommy finger’. Then there is the brother, sister, and baby finger too.

This is a perfect children song and you’ll love to sing along with them too. Babies and toddlers giggle while singing and they find it interesting to touch their fingers when they call out each of them.

Takeaways for children:

The Family Finger rhyme is a colorful and attractive nursery rhyme and it offers a beautiful way of learning. It accelerates phonic awareness and allows the children to follow directions. Babies, preschoolers, and toddlers love to sing it with joy because it is fun and easy to learn. The family finger rhyme teaches basic learning skills, boosts memory, and makes the children enjoy every bit of it. Not only children, but the adults too love to sing the baby song because of its catchy lyrics and tone.

The Reason behind Success of Indian Businessmen

India’s history is full of inspiring stories of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. Since India is a developing country, there is a long way to go and these business successes mean a lot. Entrepreneurship in India isn’t new and for many years, there are a number of businessmen and companies in India that have been listed on Forbes and Fortune 500. If someone’s looking for inspiration, reading their stories would help them a lot. Such success stories tend to give a boost to already talented and hardworking people and they feel more motivated.

When talking about successful entrepreneurs, Kartikeya Sharma’s name is worth mentioning. Kartikeya Sharma achieved a lot at this age and apart from being the owner and founder of the iTV network he’s also working for the sports industry. Kartikeya Sharma’s Pro wrestling is proof of that and the organization is trying to give a platform to the wrestlers so that they excel in this sport.

Similarly there are other names such as Kailash Katkar, who was born in a small village in India and he worked hard till he became the chairman and CEO of a business worth RS. 200 Crores. Another inspiring story is of PC Mustafa who failed in grade 6 at one point but he later joined the Regional Engineering College and decided to pursue his aims. He decided to employ people from rural areas so that they could get an earning for themselves. The company started making 10 packets of food items in a day and now they make around 50,000 packets per day.

The reason behind the success of these Indian entrepreneurs is their dedication and passion to achieve something. These businessmen and entrepreneurs have one thing in common; and that’s their ‘will power’ to achieve something.