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Little Miss Muffet Nursery Rhyme Song for Your Kids

Little Miss Muffet is a beautiful nursery rhyme and it was very popular in the mid-20th century. This poem belongs to the book ‘Songs for the nursery’ and it was published in 1805. Some people attribute this rhyme to Dr. Thomas Muffet, who wrote it about it his stepdaughter. The girl’s name was Patience Muffet and she was having breakfast when a spider came and scared her away. Dr. Thomas is also known for writing various English illustrated classifications. The children’s song belongs to the British tradition and there are many pictures and videos that show an English girl eating breakfast.

About the lyrics:

There is no particular lesson or message conveyed through this nursery rhyme and it is related to an event only. According to this kid’s song, Little Miss Muffet was sitting on a tuffet and was eating curds and whey, when a spider came and frightened her away. Some of the versions are very short while others discuss the event furthermore as Miss Muffet eats bread and jam and gets frightened when she sees the spider again. Miss Muffet then runs away with her shoes falling off. In some videos, Miss Muffet’s brother is also shown to scare her by bringing a spider near her.

Lesson for Kids:

Little Miss Muffet is a cute preschool rhyme which is meant for entertainment only. The poem itself is not as entertaining but if it there is both audio and video, it gets more interesting. Little Miss Muffet is the main character of this rhyme and her expressions are really important in the whole scenario. Children love to watch the whole scene till the end, and the giggles are worth it when Miss Muffet is scared and runs away. Also, it is easy to learn as it is short, and the children love to sing and perform on it.