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The Reason behind Success of Indian Businessmen

India’s history is full of inspiring stories of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. Since India is a developing country, there is a long way to go and these business successes mean a lot. Entrepreneurship in India isn’t new and for many years, there are a number of businessmen and companies in India that have been listed on Forbes and Fortune 500. If someone’s looking for inspiration, reading their stories would help them a lot. Such success stories tend to give a boost to already talented and hardworking people and they feel more motivated.

When talking about successful entrepreneurs, Kartikeya Sharma’s name is worth mentioning. Kartikeya Sharma achieved a lot at this age and apart from being the owner and founder of the iTV network he’s also working for the sports industry. Kartikeya Sharma’s Pro wrestling is proof of that and the organization is trying to give a platform to the wrestlers so that they excel in this sport.

Similarly there are other names such as Kailash Katkar, who was born in a small village in India and he worked hard till he became the chairman and CEO of a business worth RS. 200 Crores. Another inspiring story is of PC Mustafa who failed in grade 6 at one point but he later joined the Regional Engineering College and decided to pursue his aims. He decided to employ people from rural areas so that they could get an earning for themselves. The company started making 10 packets of food items in a day and now they make around 50,000 packets per day.

The reason behind the success of these Indian entrepreneurs is their dedication and passion to achieve something. These businessmen and entrepreneurs have one thing in common; and that’s their ‘will power’ to achieve something.